​Multi-Room Video
There are many options for home owners today with broadcast, cable, satellite, and Internet TV.  We will help our customers navigate the options available to leverage existing technology and put together the best plan for watching video content in the home or business.   

​Multi-Room Audio
Multi-Room Audio can be integrated in all homes today through clean installations and flexible control.  These same systems can be integrated into residential homes and small businesses.

We work with our customers to consolidate the audio content (CDs, MP3, FM Radio, Satellite Radio, etc) into a single location for distribution to multiple rooms/zones.  

Multi-Room Audio systems can include keypads in rooms or be completely controlled by your phones and computers.  We partner with the right vendors to deliver quality audio with a seamless user experience.  

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Theater / Media Rooms
Any room can be turned into a media room.  It can be a dedicated space or in most cases a living room space is integrated with the right technology to turn it into a room that you can enjoy a full scale theater based experience. 

We are proud of the work we do.  We are very detailed oriented and committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied.  We stand behind our work and have a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 

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Office Technologies

Home Offices are becoming more and more common as many business look for employees  to work remotely.  We specialize in both wired and wireless home networking to enable the home office with the technology replicating the corporate office environment.     

We will support our customers in setting up all office components including multiple monitors, computers, telephone, internet connectivity, network storage, network printing, and access to cloud based services.

Multi-Room Audio
Multi-Room Video
Theater/Media Rooms
Office Technologies
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